Urban Garden SW London

This garden was a post-extension building site, the owners wanted to reclaim it and start enjoying and using the space again.

The design was to incorporate a lawn area, large planting beds giving structure and impact colour throughout the year, a curved path leading to a large seating area at the rear of the garden, with raised beds for growing vegetables and herbs.

Our first task was clearance of the old garden including removing old turf and unwanted overgrown plants. We installed and painted new fencing on one side.

We rotivated the soil and enriched it for new planting. A new path was laid with a slate stone in a sweeping arc to traverse the new garden design. The new lawn was laid in a sweeping oval shape.

At the rear of the garden a new patio was laid as a new seating area and wooden raised beds were built with solid oak sleepers and planted up.

We were fortunate to have large beds to plant up and could therefore choose mature shrubs to make instant impact with the planting. We chose a beautiful Acer Bloodgood as a focal point, with Stipa and Astrantia providing texture and colour around it in the bed between the path and new lawn. The path was edged with numerous perennials to soften the edges. A colour palette of purples, blues, whites and bruised reds were used to create a harmonious balance.

We planted large loose head Olive trees around the garden,and were able to keep some of the more mature shrubs along the fence for height and structure.

The clients are very pleased and can now enjoy their garden once more.