Urban Garden Clapham SW4

After a house refurbishment, the clients wanted an instantly lush, fully planted garden, to complement the newly decorated house.

After the new garden design and layout was implemented, with redbrick patio area at the centre and surrounding raised beds, the planting transformation could begin.

The raised beds were fully prepared with fresh topsoil and compost. Taxus baccata (Yew) was chosen to create a strong evergreen visual framework, through the use of a large hedge along the back fence, and yew balls at the corners of the beds.

New trees were brought in to provide instant height, screening and seasonal interest. Prunus Serrula was chosen for its reddish bark and pretty blossom in spring. Amelanchier lamarckii was planted for pretty orange red autumn leaves and white spring blossom. This was balanced on the opposite bed by a beautiful Acer Palmatum ‘Bloodgood’.

Camellias and Hydrangeas were planted to bring more colour to the garden. And finally a variety of perennials were planted, including AgapanthusEchinaceaSalvia and Erigeron, to soften the design and provide flowering colour from April to October.

Irrigation was installed for easy maintenance and to ensure the flourishing of the garden in coming years. The client was very pleased with the finished result.