Urban Garden Roof Terrace

In London properties, outside space is at such a shortage, so this roof terrace was a great opportunity to create a perfect urban garden.

Pots and planters were key to creating this peaceful, roof terrace garden design. Transforming it from a bare concrete desert. The variety of planters and pots gave interest and focal points, and provided an interesting backdrop in themselves for the many types of plants used.

Plants of varying heights, colours and textures were chosen, to ensure that whatever the season different plants would be growing and flowering.

trellis was put up to provide a screen from surrounding buildings and also shelter from the weather. Black polystone planters were arranged below and climbers such as Trachelospermum jasminoideswere planted and trained up the trellis. These were underplanted with great roof terrace plants such as AgapanthusLavenderStipa tenuissima and Salvia nemorosa, plus seasonal bedding such as colourful CosmosGeraniums, and Cyclamen in the winter.

Every space was filled with interesting pots and plants so ‘the eye can travel’. Wall-mounted pots provided fun splashes of colour. Ferns were chosen for shady spots, and large structural plants like BayOlive and Phormium helped define and create bold shapes.

The seating area provided a welcome place for relaxing and enjoying the sights, scents and sounds of the beautiful planting in this urban garden oasis in central London.