Urban Garden Putney

The client wanted to maximise the space in their garden, with a new garden room, a lawn with beds, and a dining/relaxing area.

The old garden was very overgrown and inaccessible, and with it being on two levels, this presented quite a design challenge.

For the first part of the garden, our solution was to create a proper seating area to step into from the French doors. We used new Sandstone paving for this area and built a bench with hardwood top alongside the existing bench.

A raised bed was built and painted in a neutral hue, and then filled with soft plants such as Stipa tenuissima and fragrant Lavender, acting as a wispy screen to create a specific area when seated, but through which the rest of the garden could still be viewed.

New steps were built leading down to the lower garden. We used smart gravel stones and continued the same paving as stepping stones, this became the dining area for entertaining. The new lawn area was prepared and a new artificial lawn laid for ultimate low maintenance.

The beds were planted up with a selection of flowering shrubs and perennials, which were chosen to fill the space with texture and variety of colour throughout the year. The new garden room was installed and now has a lovely view of the newly designed garden.

The clients were very pleased with the transformation of their garden which became instantly usable for entertaining, working and relaxing in.