September News – Lazy Autumn Days

September 17, 2019

We are now in autumn, the sun no longer blazes as strongly as on summer days, and we are adjusting to a freshness in the air. There are still beautiful displays of flowers and foliage on show. The trees start to take on a tinge of copper and leaves are starting to fall. It’s harvest time in gardens, allotments and even on roof terraces. A time to take things a bit slower and enjoy time outside on sunny days.


Look out for…

Chrysanthemum ‘Matisse’– compact bright flowers last well into late autumn giving a colourful focal point

Phlox – small flowers in round clusters in bright pink, purple, orange and red, and paler pink, lilac and white

Rowan – a native British tree with soft green serrated leaves and bright red berries

Good time to…

Plant spring bulbs

Collect seeds from your favourite perennials

Plan an autumn tidy-up after the summer growth

Gardens in the news

On the theme of ‘reuse, recycle’… great ideas on how to take cuttings and seeds from friend’s gardens – you get new plants for next year for free!

Woodlands Farm near Greenwich is holding the London Harvest Festival on Sunday 28 September, with animal shows, fruit, vegetable and plant displays, farm crafts, and food and drink.

September is a great time to visit Garsons Farm in Esher, with Pick Your Own fields full of apples, blackerries, beans, sweetcorn and more.

Company news

Seasonal garden tidy-up in Kingston

New planting for garden in New Malden


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Best wishes

Toby and The Urban Gardeners team

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