Plant of the Month – Sarcococca Sweet Box

January 13, 2020

We love this plant for use as a hedge or in a shady position in a mixed border. Two of the most popular varieties are Sarcococca confusa and Sarcococca hookeriana var. Humilis. Sarcococcas can also be known as Sweet box or Christmas box.


Flowering period – December to March

Position – Partial Shade. Any aspect: South/North/East/West

Soil – fertile, moist, well-drained. Chalk, Clay, Sand

The main attraction of planting Sarcococca is the fragrant sweet scent in its winter flowering period. It is ideal to plant near a door or window to enjoy the uplifting sight and scent of the flowers in wintertime. Leaves are dark green and glossy, flowers are a creamy-white with delicate petals.


• A good evergreen structural shade-tolerant shrub, giving scent and colour in winter.

• Can be planted in deep shade.

• Can be used as a hedge or a bush.

• Grows well in shade, partial shade, or full sun in moist soil.

• Can grow to 1 to 2 metres high and 1 to 1.5 metres wide

• Black berries form after flowering

Enjoy the much appreciated scent and sight of this pretty flowering shrub in the otherwise somewhat stark and bare winter time.

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