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July News – Summer Flowers

Sunday, July 01, 2018

Who wants some rain?! The Urban Gardeners are loving this prolonged hot weather at the moment, but it is having an effect on our lawns and plants. It’s the height of summer and we are enjoying the many varied blooms and rampant growth in the gardens. However some regular and sustained watering is needed to keep everything looking green, colourful and healthy. Drought-tolerant plants are obviously enjoying themselves but the more thirsty plants need help.


Hydrangea Annabell – a great variety of Hydrangea giving large white flower heads, plant in large clumps for maximum effect.

Hydrangea Annabell

Crocosmia (montbretia) – many varieties to chose from; Emberglow and Lucifer are two we have recently planted. Sword-like green leaves with amazing vivid red flowers that catch the eye.


Stipa Tenuissima – lovely erect wispy grass for creating movement in a planting scheme, fluffy plumes of silver green flowers turning blonde will sway in the breeze.

Stipa Tenuissima

Good time to...

Water lawns early morning or late at night or both!

Keep container plants well-watered and fed

Deadhead Roses to encourage repeat flowering

Gardens in the news

A tribute to the late, great Beth Chatto - the amazingly creative, inspirational and respected gardener. Her gardens near Colchester, Essex are a sight to behold.

Chris Packham the wildlife presenter will be carrying out a nationwide nature audit at 50 sites in the UK this July.

Company news

New design, build and planting job completed in Kennington

New garden maintenance contracts in New Malden and Wimbledon


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Toby and The Urban Gardeners team